Map of Proposed Locations for Dog Park

The first step in the process of establishing a dog park is to get approval of a site. Two sites have been proposed by the committee as shown in the map below, along with additional sites proposed by neighbors.


Download PDF: Proposed Dog Park Sites (The PDF map is larger.)

Map Key

Primary Site – Red Square with “1” Inside ( on Whittier Street)
Secondary Site – Red Square with “2” Inside (On Van Buren between 4th & Fifth
Sites suggested by various members of the community – Orange Squares.
(The red square around Coolidge Field is part of the original map and not related to the dog park site proposal.)

Map of Proposed Dog Sites

For more information contact Michael Cohen who is leading the neighborhood group proposing to establish the dog park.


A DC Neighborhood Bounded by Eastern Ave, Georgia Ave, and Tuckerman St NW