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La Mano Coffee Bar First Anniversary

LaMano Coffee Bar LogoTime flies when you're drinking coffee!

La Mano Coffee Bar's First Anniversary is upon us. Because they have a wonderful website, we won't repeat everything here. Since they have much more than coffee, we did include their menu:

La Mano Coffee Bar Menu

  • espresso
  • macchiato
  • cortado
  • americano
  • cappuccino
  • latte
  • mocha
  • french press house coffee
  • single cup pour over
  • Chemex pot
  • hot tea
  • ginger chai latte
  • hot chocolate
  • cold-brewed iced coffee
  • assorted bottled drinks
Signature Fare

Safeway Update

Pam Ellison posted this update on Safeway after the meeting with corporate executives last week.I am pleased to announce that, thanks to the Brightwood Community Association headed by Monica Goletiani, a consumer advisory group has been formed to work with the Safeway at Georgia and Piney Branch. Our goals are to better understand the challenges of running a large grocery store, while making sure that neighborhood concerns about the store are acknowledged and consistently addressed … Continue Reading ››