Fireworks at Takoma Park (MD) Middle School, 2014

Video of the 2012 Fireworks posted on YouTube by Michael Benefiel The evening program of fireworks at  Takoma Park (MD) Middle School begins at 7 pm with music, and a performance by the Acro-Aires - a gymnastics group from Washington Adventist University.  The fireworks don't start until at least 9:30, when it's really dark.  Best time to arrive has more to do with how much time you want to … Continue Reading ››

CrimeDC: Map of Crime in DC

CrimeDC.comLogo for CrimeDC is the latest from the  DC Police Union. The map of Crime in DC shows crimes by Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Car Theft, Assaults  with a Deadly Weapon, Sex Abuse, Homicide, and Arson.
Welcome to brought to you by the men and women of the DC Police Union. Throughout this site you will find the latest crime information, statistics … Continue Reading ››

Safeway Protest

After a long discussion on, there was a suggestion that one way to protest long lines and the manager not opening new lanes would be to abandon carts in the aisles with a sign that explains why it is there.  PDF of Safeway Protest Sign The sign says:

This cart has been left here because I have been waiting in line for more than 5 minutes with more than 5 people in line, there are less than … Continue Reading ››

Safeway Community Advisory Group Meeting, 31 Mar 2014

Safeway Community Advisory Group Meeting Minutes, 31 March 2014

In addendance:

Monica Goletiani (Brightwood) Ronald Roach (Brightwood) George Koch (16th st. Heights/upper 14th st) Greg Ten Eyck (Safeway) Mary Sheppard (Brightwood) Stacy Mills (Takoma) Temeisha Smith (Safeway) Pam Ellison (Takoma) Craig Hanning (Safeway) Yucinto Cannon (Safeway) Sandy Eyster (Brightwood/Takoma) Anne Heard (Takoma) 1. Lines/customer service Craig Hanning (CH) indicated that while there has been improvement in line length and checkout speed, there is still a need for improvement.  Safeway's goal is for 70% satisfaction as reported on the customer survey. At … Continue Reading ››

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